Team Members of Burns & Moss

Boutique service:

​We are responsive, thoughtful and decisive in pursuing our clients’ objectives. Every client receives an unmatched level of personalized attention and support. 

Respected reputation:

Our attorneys are well-known and respected in the local legal community, due to our extensive and successful experience, both in court and our clients’ board rooms. 


From the very first client meeting, we strive to find the most expeditious approach to resolving our clients’ concerns. Our goal is to resolve the matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Extensive experience:

Our attorneys have many years of extensive trial experience. Our corporate counsel has represented a multitude of business clients in extensive acquisition transactions of corporations and real estate.

Tailored strategies:

We take the time to craft a customized plan of attack for achieving each client’s unique goals. In every case, we prepare for the possibility of trial – whether the case is resolved in the courtroom or not.